Meditation & Hypnosis

Relaxation is a skill.  This may sound surprising and that it should be easy but it’s not. Weeding out negativity, excessive worry, destructive thoughts, and excess tension requires a conscious effort.


The fact that addiction in many forms (food, alcohol, social media, etc.) is rampant in society indicates that we are not relaxing but self-medicating in our effort to achieve what we think is relaxation.


Excessive exercise and constantly working overtime helps us to avoid quiet time by wearing us out through adrenal exhaustion.  The endocrine system is so worn down, the individual crashes into sleep instead of relaxing and falling asleep.


Meditation is a skill designed to bring you peace.  It facilitates a calm mind and brings ease to your body.  With peace comes awareness, contemplation, and decision making rooted in your creativity and passion.


Hypnosis differs from meditation in that hypnosis trains the mind and body to think and act towards the goals you wish to achieve. By facilitating the patient’s ability to focus their mind, Ms. Fraser helps patients with weight management, works and sports performance, anxiety, and more.  Ms. Fraser has over 20 years experience with hypnotherapy and meditation.

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