Movement Therapeutics

At White Lotus Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies, treatment includes recommendations for therapeutic movement or breath work that the patient can incorporate into their daily life for healing and strengthening effects.


Why is movement and breath so important? The function of the heart depends on movement and oxygen for the circulation of blood and energy (Qi).  If a patient does not breathe well, they literally do not have the right amount of air for the body to function.  This may cause the blood to stagnate.  I often ask patients if they have recently given blood and if so, what did the blood look like.  If they report that the blood was thick and purple, this indicates that their blood lacks oxygen and water.  This type of blood will easily coagulate and cause clots which are a precursor to heart disease.


With proper breath work and adequate movement; the patient reaches an optimum level of blood/Qi production and circulation.  Making sure the patient is moving properly is of great importance.  Movement effects posture, organ function, energy levels, and all other functions in the body.  At White Lotus, Movement Therapy includes two forms of practices: Tai Chi and Qigong.


Qigong literally means “gonging” or cultivating your vital energy (Qi”).  As a practice it consists of a combination of movement, self-massage, meditation and breathing. When your practitioner prescribes a certain set of Qigong movements, the recommendations are based on your pattern of disharmony or symptoms.  For example, if a patient suffers from repeated bouts of bronchitis, Qigong movements that open up and strengthen the lung pathways of energy are prescribed.


Tai Chi is a form of movement that can be practiced daily.  It is recommended to build vital energy and to maintain circulation.  There are many facilities in the Northern Virginia area that White Lotus partners with for group classes and private lessons.






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