Nutrition Therapy

Our body is 100% organic and is made entirely of earthly substances.  This is why your body functions better with organic natural foods from the earth versus processed substances. According to Eastern and Western dietary practices, all foods from the earth have specific functions.  For example, blueberries have natural anti-inflammatory effects, organic red meat strengthens blood, lemons are an astringent and cleanse the blood.  But it is through Chinese Medicine, the relationship of your body and the effects of food are the cornerstone of dietary recommendations versus a food’s calorie, fat, protein, and carbohydrate content.


Through carefully designed diagnostic measures, the patient’s pattern of disharmony (symptom) is identified and dietary recommendations are prescribed.  For example, if the patient’s symptoms are fatigue and muscle weakness, the diagnosis may be ‘blood deficient.’  In this case, green leafy vegetables are prescribed along with other blood building foods.  Subsequent treatment sessions allow for nutritional follow-up and as the patient’s condition improves, additional recommendations may be prescribed.


This approach to food is very effective for weight management, balancing the pH levels within the body, and harmonizing blood pressure and metabolism.  It is a powerful treatment for any digestive disorder, fertility needs, and for strengthening one’s energy, immune system, and brain function.


The right nutrition creates strength, balance, longevity, and alleviates adverse symptoms.  Contact us today for your free 20 minute consultation.  We are happy to assist you in creating a program that works for you.







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